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george lucas who made history with his film star wars said he knew this was the right point. >> i knew i wanted to retire, go on and do other things things in fill -- fill -- philanthropy and things in film and i knew i could not drag my company through that. >> reporter: a seventh star wars film will be released in 2015 worldwide. and they expect to create possibly more star wars video to add to that franchise now that it is under disney's wing. back here live, i was just up there at the windows and there were hundreds of people inside and it appears george lucas hasn't made it from los angeles. they are listening to some details directly from him.
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pixar another bay area company also joined disney and was bought out by them and has been able to keep quite a bit of control here , so we'll see what happens now that lucas film goes under the umbrella. coming up later on tonight, i'll have more on what workers are telling me about this deal and why it doesn't come as much of a surprise to them. reporting live from point richmond tonight, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. the growing scandal over the port of oakland spending and accounting of money took another turn. the bay executive and directors are currently on paid leave the áf after our story account the -- paid leave after our story accounted discrepancies. today the second client on the document obtained bid ktvu also said they were not present at
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the club. hyundai merchant marine executive andrews told me that travel records show no hyundai employees were even in houston at the time. port officials declined to comment to ktvu siting an ongoing investigation. the red cross is assisting a displaced san jose father and mother who will barely escaped an early morning fire. it broke out at this home on linda florez street in the city's bariesta neighborhood. the fire did some heavy damage. family members said they heard an explosion and felt the house shake before they saw the fire. >> there was an explosion and the kids came running and said there was an explosion in my room. we opened the door and there was smoke everywhere. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. a hazmat team has been called in to investigate. pg & e did an investigation.
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that super storm continues to cause massive problems over mid-atlantic states. so far 7 million are without power. our health and science editor john fowler has been monitoring the storm and is here now with some remarkable pictures to show just how bad this storm is. >> look at this a levee breech in new jersey crews still looking for survivors. early this morning, three towns submerged. as many as 100 homes destroyed. winds topped 90-miles-an-hour in new york city a historic 13-
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foot storm surge flooded the city's subway system it could be four days before trains run again. 260 patients including newborns were evacuated from a manhattan hospital when generators failed. the wind driven atlantic crashed through coastal communities damaged may top $20 million, mile upon mile of beach front destroyed. including the famed atlantic city boardwalk. and asbury park boardwalk turned to a jumble of timberings. -- jumble of timbers. >> this is not over we still have more weather to deal with, hopefully people are able to stay safe until we get to the other side of this storm. >> reporter: in the appalachian, up to 3 feet of snow and the effects of the superstorm still being felt as
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far away as the great lakes. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the new york stock exchange was closed for a second day. several exchanges handle stock trades electronically in various east coast locations and they were all shut down during the storm. but the exchange is the only one with a trading floor. bill martin is tracking the superstorm's path so bill is the storm over yet. >> the worse is over based on what we saw last night. a lot of the pictures john shoeped you of long island and new jersey that was due to the storm surge and high tide and large surf. winds right now 45 miles per hour it's moving a little toward the west-northwest. it's the superstorm, it's an extra tropical storm and it's big. let's take a peak. we can pass it over a little
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bit. see the low center, as we move up here up toward new york state. see it moving toward the north it continues to spin moisture and cool air. we're seeing snow in the appalachians. wednesday afternoon it starts to move into canada. take a look again at the size of this it extends from chicago south toward atlanta and east up into maine. that is truly a super storm. this one was a huge storm. i think the storm surge in the heavy surf and the high tides are really what in the end of this thing will have caused most of the damage. right now we're dealing with 8 million or so power outages along the eastern seaboard. it still continues tonight but the worse is over. >> that super storm and many home bound children were good for the streaming movie business. los gatos based netflix said
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that down loads were up and many movies were for children. with -- with many schools shutdown, kids were home. as the fans are still soaking up the giants win, other people are still reeling after the aftermath. >> reporter: moore is picking up the pieces after someone set his shoe shining chair on fire. he says his work have helped him stay clean and sober for four years. >> a lot of the people in the city have helped me with this stand. for years now. >> reporter: at worse he has had to scrub graffiti off of the stand. that changed sunday night when vandals set bomb fires around
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the city after the giant's world series win. >> i walked around the long way and by the time i got over here it was already on fire. >> reporter: the fire destroyed a queen anne chair, $300 worth of supplies and damaged the remaining seat. >> my heart was broke because all the hard work and effort that i put into it. i just don't understand why people want to go around and tearing up people's personal property. >> reporter: more depends on the money -- moore depends on the money he makes here to pay for a presidential room. students are now stepping up to help him out. >> here are $20, i'm not working yet but i still would like to help you. >> there's so many things in the world that we can't do anything about but we can do something about this. >> it's like a gift from god you know it's such a blessing that people support you. >> reporter: and while you were
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watching that passer by just mentioned a facebook account has been set up to help moore. recology is also stepping forward with plans to help moore with materials. people who got out of control after the giant's swept the detroit tigers could face more than criminal charges they could face civil charges as well. district attorney george gascon said today he intends to go after every person caught breaking the law that night. gascon said the celebration turned violent when mobs of people turned over a car, set bomb fires, assaulted police officer and caused destruction in parts of the city. he warned fans to obey the law at tomorrow's victory parade. >> it's our job to support the giants tomorrow. if you come tomorrow with the intent of damaging property or hurting people just know that you will end up going to jail if we get you. >> reporter: so far the d.a is
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prosecuting eight cases he expects more to come. violators could face civil charges and be forced to pay restitution and be fined for the damage they caused. >> at sfo today they found one more problem to cope with on top of all the flight cancellations. a bucket was found, the sidewalk was closed and the fire department hazmat team was brought in but it was determined the powder was not hazardous and the all clear was given by about 10:30. fremont police are looking for a man who tried to lure a woman into his car. the woman says the woman tried to entize her over the weekend. she says the man approached her, harassed her and attempted to lure her into the car. at one point the suspect put his arms around her and told her she was pretty.
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she was able to get away. 18-year-old cody nacosha and christian bersa made a brief appearance inside a hayward courtroom this morning. they did not enter pleas in the killing of 58-year-old barbara lachley. bersa is a distant family member of the woman's common law husband. authoritys have now releaseed the identity of a man killed in a shooting in a bar in oakley. clay ward was killed saturday morning at the broken wheel cocktail lounge. he was shot in the head. it appears ward had been involved in an altercation before the shooting. at this point no arrests have been made. at this point investigators do not have any suspects in the case. a $30 million deal between the 49ers and south bay schools has been rejected by state officials. the deal had ended a dispute over redevelopment money tied
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to the 49ers the stadium. the 49ers worked the deal to split the money. now the dispute could be headed back to court next spring unless state officials change their mind and accept the agreement by november 26th. >> the san francisco giants parade could create a traffic nightmare tomorrow morning. up next, one critical thing that b.a.r.t. is doing differently this year compared to the last giant's parade. >> tomorrow this san francisco high school band as well as the rest of san francisco gets ready for the big giant's celebration.
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actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. there are some estimates that up to 1 million people will be in san francisco tomorrow to watch the giant's victory parade and need needless to say that will create traffic problems. >> reporter: getting into the
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city will be much tougher than getting into a regular world series game. at least 1 million people will be trying to get to the parade or just get to work. b.a.r.t. says it will have all hands on tech as it anticipates record ridership trying to get to the parade. >> we've been gearing up, we've called out every single employee at b.a.r.t. we're asking them to put on those yellow vests, get out there help with crowd control. >> reporter: the best way to avoid delays is to be prepared, if you're taking b.a.r.t. that means having your ticket ahead of time. b.a.r.t. officials say two years ago some ticket machines broke down because they were too full of money. so this year they've emptied the machines and will have cash only tables at some stations. alica trost say it is best way to get to b.a.r.t. is not with your car. >> our parking lots are going to fill up very early try to get a ride to b.a.r.t. >> reporter: enforcement at b.a.r.t. lots will be stepped up so read all signs carefully. san francisco officials have already geared up. >> we will have extra trains
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running, we've also coordinated with b.a.r.t., caltrain, golden gate transit. anybody that can help get the people into the city and out of the city. >> reporter: since there was a world series parade just two years ago many say they are ready and offered tips. >> get here early. i was here in 2010, just get here early. >> go early, find your spot and stay there. >> actually i work right down here. i am going to come in and i do catering delivery so it's going to be crazy for me as well. >> reporter: you will not be able to cross market street it's going to be one long parade starting at the foot of market to the civic center. there won't be a lot of problems to cross the street there and that caused problems last time. if you have an important meeting tomorrow in the city, get there earlier, take the earl littler train that you normally would because it's going to be very crowded.
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live in the newsroom, sal castaneda. now that you know how to get there thanks to sal let's show you what you can expect to see at the giant's victory parade. rob roth live in the city with what police play be carrying a new piece of equipment for the parade tomorrow. >> reporter: the giant's victory parade ends here at civic center plaza where the rally will then begin. if you look down the plaza to city hall you can see workers are still building the stage where the ceremony will take place. the players will be sitting in those bleachers. and so the stage is literally being set for tomorrow's massive celebration. the band was tuning up today, these student musicians have been invited to march. for a teenage clarinet player it doesn't get better than that. >> because it's going to be all of san francisco there. it's going to be exciting.
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>> reporter: people started bomb fires and committed vandalism. >> we're also looking at carrying fire extinguishers to go in all police vehicles so the fire is out that we can put it out ourselves we will put it out. we will arrest immediately whoever starts that fire. referee: the giants and the city are stressing that tomorrow's celebration is a no alcohol family affair. >> all the pressures out there in the world just take a day just to relax, reflect and celebrate our heros. >> reporter: in 2010 an estimated 1 million people lined the sidewalks for the last giant's victory parade. but that parade didn't fall on the day of halloween, police say they will keep a high profile well into the night. >> probably the largest compliment of officers will be in the castro district to make sure that all streets stay open. there is no party. >> reporter: and back live with the set construction still going on and it's expected to go we'll into the evening. the question on market street is to close or not to close.
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the giants world series sweep of the detroit tigers was a great achievement for the g- men but since the fall classic lasted just a minimum number of names it actually deprived the giant organization of about $30 million in extra cash. here's why players get 60% of the gate receipt during game one through four. and they split evenly during game five, six and seven. if you can't get to the tv, we will stream the parade live on our website. one of two hikers who was missing in the sierra has been found safe. a chp helicopter pilot spotted tracks on the snow and followed
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those tracks to hanson. the search continues for 53- year-old kahn. he was due to return from a three day trip to indio national forest. park workers say today's search has turned up nothing new. yesterday at this time here on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 we checked with bill martin about that superstorm. it was about 24 hours ago that thing was hitting. >> look at it, it is still a giant storm. the highlights the heavy rain, most of that should be done. things are relaxing but what does that mean for you? if you're traveling it means trouble. not just obviously new york, chicago, dallas, all the major hubs there's going to be a ripple effect. as you travel about the united states be prepared for some flight delays as sandy moves off, it's going to start to move through tomorrow afternoon. the highs about what they were
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yesterday. a little bit cooler, we had a lot of fog. we knew that was coming because the day before we had a dense advisory in place. tomorrow morning could be some more fog. right now i have reports of real thick dense fog out along daily city, skyline boulevard out by the great highway very dense fog. i think tomorrow morning it's back. these are the current temperatures now. everything is changing around. we're getting into wednesday, big parade, huge parade we just talked about that. we've also got halloween. it's a huge night. hundreds of thousands of kids out on the street. at this point it looks like we're going to see showers in parts of the bay area for wednesday. wednesday evening not for the parade but for wednesday evening so that is deaf -- definitely a drag. and we knew it was going to rain wednesday night but they keep moveing the system in a little earlier. tomorrow we have evening showers in the forecast, in the north bay i think your halloween is wet. i do. i think from nevado north it's
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raining, it's 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00. i think in oakland and san francisco and fremont, you're good till about 6:30 or 7:00 then you get in some sprinkle. i think san jose you're okay. that's the kind of system we're going to have. it's going to have a big impact. we need rain but this thing is hitting right during the trick or treat time. when i come back i'll verbally gave you what the time is. i have the timing label on the computer model and we'll go through. there's areas that are going to be impacted during trick or treat and others will not. i'll see you back here. a man at sfo is under arrest and facing some serious charges because of what was found in his stomach. >> also while a lawsuit has been filed against the owners of a small bay area beach it's all because of what the owner did three years ago. >> home at last, the grand debut for the space shuttle
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endeavour after its long journey to los angeles. >> a warning about aggressive racoons at the palace of fine arts the one thing neighbors are doing that officials say may have contributed to the problem. >> no sleep till the east coast. details of the trek some bay area pg & e workers are doing. >> stripping down to make a point, the political plan that has some people in the bay area bearing it all in protest. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area news coverage.
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an attorney is suing on behalf of all of californians to assess to the small beach. it's a small crescent shaped beach and it's been a popular surfing and fishing spot for several years but the property owner changed hands about three
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years ago. the new owners have chained up the access gate. we have contacted the owner's attorney but have not yesterday received a response. the retired space shuttle endeavour had it first official showing. the endeavour opened. hundreds of people lined up to see the shuttle as well as a dance performance choreographed by debby allen. l.a. major villaraigosa said endeavour will inspire young children. as of friday state officials had mailed out 9 million vote by mail ballots. of those roughly 2 million have been returned. if you are voting by mail, remember all ballots have to be returned by the time the polls close at 8:00 p.m.
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by election day for ballots to be counted. both p presidential -- both presidential candidates have suspended campaigning but both were in the limelight responding to the storm. president obama said he's told first responders to get help to those in need as soon as possible. >> i want you to cut through bureaucracy, there's no excuse for inaction at this point. >> reporter: the president visited a red cross center. he said his administration preplanned for this storm, getting food, and other emergency supplies such as generatorred to the affected area. mitt romney staged his own
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emergency supply drop off. >> reporter: romney joined the line of workers accepting donations. he did not respond to questions from reporters. we're expecting word on whether survivors from the san bruno blast can sue pg & e. the explosion killed eight people anddestroyed 38 homes. thoerpbs said yesterday -- >> more than 350 plaintiffs are involved in the massive civil case. pg & e has been trying to settle the claims. the civil ruling could open the door to a trial and larger damages determined by a jury. whether you're headed to or expecting people coming from the east coast the sign says it all, cancelled. airport officials say there is a glimmer of hope. >> also, take a look at the bite a shark took out of this
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surfboard in north carolina. how the surfer's life may have been saved by who just happened to be on the beach at the time.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento
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and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. at least 38 people are dead, millions are without power after that super storm slammed into the east coast. the storm made land fall in southern new jersey and reported craig boswell is live in new jersey with a look at some of the incredible damage and also what the situation is like right now. craig-- >> reporter: yeah frank good evening to you, look we have so many people without power. 80,000 just in this general area. 2-1/2 million in the garden state alone.
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millions more across up and down the eastern seaboard. that temperature is plummeting that's going into a very, very cold evening adding insult to injury. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> reporter: authorities are blocking the path into atlantic city where portions of the world famous boardwalk were washed away and debris littered the street. >> there's a lot of water. >> reporter: but san dip's wrath extends well beyond the jersey shore on new york's staten island. wiping out dozens of homes. the chilling pictures showing total destruction. there's extensive damage and flooding in maryland where dozens needed to be rescued from flooding water. officials warned people to stay away from lake michigan where waves are expected to reach up to 24 feet. >> we don't recommend going out
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on to the lake, stay clear of beaches until the automaker clear -- until the all clear is given. >> reporter: and in virginia, it has been snowing. >> that creates a problem with the drifting on the road. >> reporter: you heard governor chris christie. back during irene, they had more flooding. the governor will be touring the damage tomorrow along with president obama. right now we're live in abseca, new jersey, craig boswell. member of california's national guard and emergency management agencies are heading
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to the east coast. the national guard is sending two helicopters and two para helicopter teams. now we showed you yesterday here at five clock how that super storm is affecting bay area air travel. today the situation is easing just a bit. ktvu's paul chambers live at sfo with the one thing there that seems to be saving some passengers from misery. >> reporter: the effects can still be felt in the bay area. however there is hope airport officials say some cities have limited service. >> reporter: if you're headed to or coming from the east coast the signs for your flight replains the same. cancelled. 115 in all here at sfo. >> a large number of cancellations, the difference is today we are beginning to see some limited flights coming from the west coast to primarily boston and washington, d.c. >> reporter: that's good news for some but not for the people we spoke with who are headed to
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the new york city area knowing they may have to spend the night in san francisco making them a little miserable since they've already traveled upwards of 12 hours. >> the flight was originally from hong kong to new york and that was cancelled a direct flight. so i took a flight out to san francisco. >> i came from oakland to new zealand. a five hour flight from san fran. we always knew when we left it was going to be dodgey and it turned out to be. >> reporter: for those stuck here they're making the best of their time. thankful for the free wifi that way they can plan for a long night. >> just making some plans. i have some friends in san fran, i'm tracking them down to see if they're available. >> i'm planning to camp out here just to be on stand by. >> reporter: they had two arrival jet blue flights that have been cancelled.
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an jose is announcing two cancelled flights. live at sfo i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a man has been arrested at sfo for smuggling more than 2- 1/2 pounds of cocaine inside his stomach. federal officials the man swallowed 100 cocaine filled pellets. he was monitored at a hospital. san francisco police have issued an all clear in a bomb scare along the embarcadero toáeld. they received reports about this suitcase tied to a tree near market shortly before 11:30 this morning. this was a photo sweeted by katie cronkite. a shelter in place was issued
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for near by businesses including the ferry building. the suitcase was hoisted from a tree and a robot examined it. no word on what was inside but it was declared harmless. this happened at a popular humble county surfing spot near eureka. a witness took these pictures we're about to show you right here of the victim's surfboard at the attack. according to the eureka news standard, other beachgoers heard the man screaming. an emergency technician happened to be on the scene. the surfer tonight is hospitalized in fair condition. an unusual move at apple. the letter of apology that a top executive refused to sign and how that appears to have cost him his job. a new san francisco campaign is asking a certain type of people to send a message it's okay to be gay. why backers say it is important to come out of the closet.
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there are reports today that the head of apple's iphone software development was asked to leave because he refused to sign a letter of apology. the wall street journal says scott forstal was asked to apologize for the flaws in the
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mapping. forstall is expected to step down next year. the report in the wall street journal and another one by reuters are based on anonymous sources. a genetic marker associated with smoking has been linked with adhd. canadian researchers took blood samples from more than 450 children with adhd. and they found the disorder and smoking share a common genetic risk factor and that childhood adhd may increase the likelihood of smoking later on in life. the blood samples were tested for five genetic variations associated with different aspects of smoking. two san francisco supervisors today urged a campaign to ask athletes to come out of the closet. they want the commissioner from
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five professional sports to encourage players to come out. it's fitting to launch the campaign in san francisco which will honor the giants tomorrow. >> for those of us in the lgbt community as we see and celebrate the work of the athletes tomorrow, there is no openly gay athlete that we can point to and say that's a member of our community. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor agnus who helped launch the last closet campaign attended today's event. the vandalism of campaign signs were caught on tape. and i'm back here in just a few minutes we have to talk about halloween. we have rain in the forecast for parts of the bay area. i'll break it down hour by hour for the trick or treat period. we'll see you back here. >> a warning about aggressive racoons at the palace of fine arts. the one thing a neighbor is
5:43 pm
doing that may have contributed to the problem. >> no sleep till the east coast. details in the trek some bay area bge workers are making to the east. >> and stripping it all, the reason why some are bearing it all.
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captured on video. a hotly contested san jose city council race erupted into a confrontation involving a knife. robert handa live to show us that video. >> reporter: these were some of the campaign signs involved and this is the park where the confrontation took place between the suspects and the
5:46 pm
candidate's husband. dustin dorell publicly claimed he was attacked with a knife by herr era's husband. the two claim that they shot video of herr era's husband disposing of signs. >> who the [ bleep ] are you? who the [ bleep ] are you? >> get away from me, get away from me. >> even said that i have a knife right here. he reached you know down below his waste and made the swiping motion at me. i jumped back, i got scared, i ran for my life. >> reporter: at rose herr era's wife, he was disposing signs that were put on his own lawn but did not want to put them in his own trash can. he displayed scrapes on his face and neck he claims being pushed by the ground by people
5:47 pm
shooting video. >> i will admit, i blustered i threatened them. i said i have a knife you better get away from me. no intention of ever doing anything but i just wanted them to back away. >> reporter: an investigation started. a jimmy wynn spokesperson has the confrontation has nothing to do with the wynn campaign. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. nurses at seven east bay hospitals will walk off the job on thursday. nearly 1,700 nurses will strike. this is the sixth strike at sutter owned facilities since 2007. the strike begins at 7:00 a.m. blue shield of california may owe you some money. the san francisco based insurer promised last year to cap profits at 2% of revenue to
5:48 pm
keep that pledge it now plans to give $50 million back to customers. premium reductions and credits will go to those who are eligible. blue shield started the give back program after it was criticized in the past for steep rate hikes on individual policyholders. >> the number of deaths in the fungal meningitis outbreak has now grown to eight. three new deaths were reported today linked to the steroid injections. at least 363 people in 19 states have gotten sick. the steroid was supplied by the new england compounding center outside of boston which is now facing several investigations into its operation. >> reporter: there's a new sign that the housing market is on the rebound. the average home price in 20 major cities rose nearly 1% in august. the increase marks the fifth consecutive month of gains for that index. inventory of homes for sale has fallen and developers have
5:49 pm
stepped up building. the index also showed new and existing home sales have been stronger lately. >> reporter: swiss want ubs invailed plans to lay off 20,000 bankers. this move comes as the historic bank trying to scale back its loan. it's one of the industry's largest lay offs since the financial crisis rippled through wall street and financial markets. california firefighters this morning quickly got the upper hand on a fast moving brush fire burning in los angeles county. this blaze erupted early this morning in eagle rock. portion of the roadway was briefly shut down while fire crews attacked the two alarm blaze. the cause of the fire is under investigation. let's talk about our weather now including the crucial trick or treat forecast. sounds like some of the kids are going to get wet.
5:50 pm
>> especially the north bay. so many kids go out tomorrow night and it's really a drag. now it appears it'll be raining in the north baby 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow afternoon and those showers will spread south to oakland and fremont say 7:30, 8:00 tonight. we'll get to that. here's what the super storm looks like. it's a big storm and that's a big story that we're going to stay on here at channel 2, i'll be updating that obviously in the 6:00 hour and again at 10:00 tonight. these are the highs that we had today a little cooler than yesterday. the giants parade looks good tomorrow, plenty of clouds. some sunshine and temperatures in the 60s the low 60s. so the parade looks good. showers after that especially in the north bay. here's how the computer model does it. and it's not always perfect, the model. and this is a big forecast because again this is a big deal to lots of people especially tomorrow night. here we go, now this model has been pretty accurate with these types of storms over the last
5:51 pm
few weeks or so. so we'll see how this is going to work out. 9:00a.m., there's the system. here we are 4:00 p.m. so you're in santa rosa you're getting sprinkles before the kids walk out the door. i suspect from that petaluma north you're showery. we get into 8:00 and there's the showers. right 8:00 is the sweet spot isn't it for trick or treating. 7:30, 8:00, look at this line right here that's about what we're going to see. is that heavy rain? richmond, albany it's not heavy rain but it's sprinkley it's wet. then the system slides on through. of course i'm going to update the forecast. the models have changed a few times since last night and this morning. we'll be following it. it's an overnight event as it goes through, the north bay it'll deposit like i said an
5:52 pm
inch of rain, an inch and a half. the bay area forecast shaping up like this. the parade rout looks good. tomorrow night doesn't look so good. it's not a wash out but it's not going to be that great. the thursday morning commute doesn't look so good either. >> growing up here we're all so used to wearing jackets over our halloween costumes it's nothing new. >> no it isn't. a small crash in the delta has now led to a lawsuit. why the family of the pilot is suing the owner of a weather tower.
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gas prices continue to trickle down but not in san francisco. prices have falling by more than 85-cents a gallon in some bay area stations since prices topped out at a record $4.65. in oakland a gallon of gas the -- in san francisco the current price is eight -- against all the violence that has racked the city. the pastor said this fall oakland voters must choose a leader who will help bring down
5:56 pm
the risen crime wave. they announced they're backing macabey. she called violence the unsung crisis of oakland. >> it's every mother and every father and every grandmother who refuses to use our parks and our recreational facilities for fear that a bullet will come and get them. >> 15-year-old kids and 17-year- old kids being killed just being shot down. they're lives are being snuffed up at such an early age it has to break your hard. >> reporter: the pastor said they want to stop shootings isn't the city. federal officials said he likely didn't see the tower and his family filed a lawsuit saying nrg systems installed it without markings to make it more visible. the company denies the allegations and says it was the
5:57 pm
pilots own carefulless that caused the accident. bg & e crews in northern california are offering a helping hand. the large effort they're making to help restore power to millions of the customers back east. >> and a warning to visitors at a popular san francisco tourist destination. why racoons are becoming a big problem and how authorities are hoping to solve it.
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preparations are under way for tomorrow's giant's celebration in san francisco. how police are working to make sure fans are safe. people are looking for any help for any hope. >> crews from northern california lend a helping hand. the storm victims on the east coast. the latest effort to bring relief in the aftermath of super storm sandy. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with the world series champions the san francisco giants, in less than 24 hours the team will be celebrated in a parade that's expected to draw hundreds of thousands of fans. authorities all er

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TOPIC FREQUENCY San Francisco 18, Ktvu 9, New York 6, California 4, Moore 4, The City 3, Fremont 3, Craig Boswell 2, Obama 2, John Fowler 2, George Lucas 2, Us 2, Eastern Seaboard 2, San Fran 2, Richmond 2, Boston 2, Los Angeles 2, Hayden 1, Elizabeth 1, Halloween 1
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